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2018 Home Goals

Happy 2018! We’ve been busy over here cleaning and reorganizing after the holidays. While the house feels a little bare without a Christmas tree, it’s so nice to have a fresh start to welcome the new year! One of our biggest goals for 2018 is to regularly share content here about the house and our plans, along with travel and lifestyle content. Admittedly, we’ve been bad about sharing things when the house feels so incomplete, but it’ll be that way for awhile. So, stay tuned for more posts and progress reports! We also outlined some of our home and travel goals for the year. Some are pretty lofty, but giving ourselves a list of things to complete — or at least make progress on — helps keep us accountable.


When we purchased this house, we knew there’d be a lot of work to do to make it our own. It was largely abandoned and hadn’t been taken care of or updated over the years. We’ve made impressive strides in the first six months of ownership, but there’s still a long list of things to do! I won’t get into all of the projects, but here are some we’d like to prioritize in the new year:

  • Finish painting the trim and doors.
  • Finish painting the upstairs hallway and ceiling. (We’ll need a professional painter for part of the wall and ceiling that we can’t reach over the stairs.)
  • Repaint the guest room since we hate the grey we originally picked.
  • Replace the storm door at the front of the house. It’s in such poor shape and incredibly ugly.
  • Replace the remaining light fixtures … for seven rooms.
  • Buy a dining room table and chairs.
  • Purchase a living room rug, preferably vintage.
  • Add a screen door to our back deck.
  • Have a contractor come in to give us quotes on renovating the bathroom, closing off the opening between the master bedroom and guest room, and renovating our front porch/sun room. (It was originally a porch, but had been closed in at some point. We’d like to add more windows and give it an interior face lift so it’s a space that we’ll use.)
  • Get quotes on wallpaper installation for the stairway. (I’d love to make wallpapering a priority for 2018, but it all comes down to money.)
  • Get quotes on skim coating the kitchen to get rid of the awful textured walls.
  • Have an electrician install exterior outlets.
  • Resurface the driveway and add a parking pad to the side of the one-car garage.
  • Add exterior lights to our side entrance and the garage.
  • Paint or stain our deck and front porch.
  • Figure out window coverings. We’re likely going with roller shades because they fit the period of the house and they’re affordable.
  • Add more plants and artwork. (I really want to add this photograph of Roger Moore as James Bond to a gallery wall in the dining room.)
  • Give the bathroom and half-bath a low-cost update. I don’t think we’ll be making any major renovations this year, but a quick refresh will make those rooms so much prettier until we can afford to redo them.


We didn’t get a chance to travel as much as we wanted to in 2017, and we both ended up being sick during the one vacation we did take: a spring trip to New Orleans. As expected, the house ate up a lot of time and money so we didn’t want to put anything on the calendar that would make us feel financially pinched. That said, staying at home most of the year is unlike us and we’re anxious to add a few destinations to our 2018 itinerary. Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • London in April. We found inexpensive tickets last fall and immediately booked the flight.
  • Iceland for a week this summer if we’re able to find cheap flights and we aren’t feeling broke after some of those house priorities. If that doesn’t seem feasible, we have some domestic trips in mind for a summer getaway.
  • Chicago for a weekend in the summer and again in December for the Christkindlmarket, an annual tradition of ours.
  • After experiencing subzero temperatures for New Year’s Eve, we’d love to ring in 2019 on a beach.

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