Weekend Links: 03

Weekend Links Vol. 3 | Curated Couple

Happy Halloween weekend! We are beyond excited for our first holiday in the house, so much so that we’re going to leave work early on Tuesday so we don’t miss a single Trick-or-Treater! We have some last-minute prep work to do this weekend, though, including pumpkin carving and finishing our costumes. (We’re going as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It’s an easy somewhat-last-minute couple’s costume to pull off!) We’re also toying with the idea of getting a case of mini beer cans or bottles for the adults. (Why should the kids have all the fun?!)

1 – The science behind the perfect cup of coffee.

2 – And while we’re on the topic of caffeine, the best coffee shops in Paris. (I’m tempted to take a day trip to the City of Lights when we’re in London next spring. However, it’s probably not the most practical use of time for our first U.K. visit when we’re only there for nine days!)

3 – What your airplane seat says about you.

4 – These bowls are perfect for hearty winter meals.

5 – Dave’s sister lived in NYC and so he and his family have visited multiple times. I, on the other hand, have never been! I’m adding it to our 2018 travel itinerary and bookmarked this link for non-touristy things to do in the city after we’ve had our fill of the must-see attractions.

6 – An apple cider rum punch for Thanksgiving gatherings.

7 – We can’t wait to see what Emily Henderson does to her new space.

8 – Craft beer pairings for all of that Halloween candy.

9 – West Elm is having a killer sale this weekend with 25% off just about everything! Linen napkins are a smart buy for the upcoming holiday season.

10 – The most haunted places in America.

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