On Our Radar: October 2017

On Our Radar: October 2017

We thought it would be fun to do a monthly roundup of a few items that recently caught our eye or made their way into our home. These lists are likely going to be all over the place with style finds for me or Dave, books that we’d love to add to our collection, and housewares that we’re loving.

1 – A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned that it’d be fun to get a record player and listen to albums on vinyl while we make weekend brunch. (And, yes, I knew how hipster that comment was when I made it.) Apparently suggesting we buy electronics to someone who loves purchasing them meant that we’d own a record player the very next week. We tried to order the white U-Turn Orbit Plus, but the black one showed up in its place. I was initially disappointed because my heart was set on white, but we decided to keep it since most of our living room is skewing mid-century modern and white may have been too stark for that room.

2 – We’re going to London in April! It seems so far away, but it’ll likely be here before we know it! Our favorite weekend activity is trip planning and research, adding plenty of must-sees and dos to our shared Google map for whatever destination is next on our travel itinerary. We recently purchased this book for our London planning and it’s equal parts charming and informative.

3 – Our bar cabinet is begging for a festive scene for the holidays. We ordered five of these glass trees to put atop this tray. A small string of lights will play off the glass and mirrored surface nicely.

4 – Obviously earrings aren’t one of Dave’s picks for the month, but I couldn’t help but add them this time around. Jenny Bird is one of my favorite jewelry designers with modern, eye-catching statement pieces at affordable price points. These are on my wish list.

5 – If you’re in the market for a vintage-inspired schoolhouse light, we can’t recommend this one enough. While we love the look of everything at Schoolhouse Electric (and will likely purchase sconces from the company), spending $130 on the hardware and then another $60-70 on the shade was more than we wanted to shell out to replace the outdated light in our entryway. (That fixture was straight out of the ’80s with bright, shiny brass and floral etched glass panels.) I came across this well-reviewed surface mount on the Home Depot website and purchased it when it was on sale for $37. The oil-rubbed bronze hardware reads black in some photos, but looks prettier in person. It’s really a great light for the money and looks more expensive than it is.

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