Bedroom Inspiration

Our Master Bedroom: The Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration

Long before we purchased our house, I had pinned this room as inspiration for a master bedroom. I love the combination of crisp white, emerald and teal jewel tones, natural textures and fabrics, and pattern mixing — and it’s actually a big part of what convinced me to choose a deep color for an accent wall in our otherwise white bedroom. Of course we’re not going to copy this room  — not like we could even if we wanted to. The color we chose has more blue in it (Amalfi from Sherwin-Williams), we have painted wood paneling, our bed is in front of two windows, and our ceilings certainly aren’t high enough for such a statement light fixture (plus, I really like having a ceiling fan in the bedroom, even if they’re ugly). However, there’s a lot there that we can draw inspiration from to mix into our otherwise mid-century-modern-meets-glam-Hollywood-regency-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic. (I’ve actually dubbed it “glamdinavian.”) Admittedly, I get a little overwhelmed by design choices when I look at dozens of carefully styled bedrooms, so I thought I’d break these down into the elements that we’re drawing inspiration from.

Key Elements:

  • Natural elements play a huge role in these rooms with leafy greenery and woven textures (with the exception of the traditional room in the lower, right). A big plant is a must, along with something made from wicker or rattan like this incredible mirror.
  • Mid-century modern night stands: We actually ordered a pair of these a couple of weeks ago and should have them by the end of the month.
  • A touch of brass adds a sleek, glam touch to the room to balance the bohemian vibe of the natural textures.I’m planning to swap out the drawer pulls on the night stands for these beauties. I also just received my order for this pot for the aforementioned plant.
  • A neutral bed. We already own this upholstered platform bed for our Casper mattress. It’s not the perfect choice, but it works well for now and the price point can’t be beat.
  • Use of pattern by way of a rug. This actually surprised me since I didn’t think I wanted a rug that was so traditional, but I can’t help falling for rooms featuring them. My concern about going down this road is that I’m not a huge fan of red (or any warm color for that matter) and would like to stick with a blue colorway. Plus, we have this rug already which is in great shape.
  • Mixed patterns and textures. Sometimes it’s obvious, like in those in the photos to the right, and other times the pattern mixing is subtle, drawing on the criss-cross pattern of the woven elements. I actually think the painted wood trim will work well with this by adding just a hint of stripes.

Now to see if we actually stick to this or completely deviate from our plan with the next image to catch our eye! Send links to fantastic bedroom inspiration and/or products our way!