We bought a house!

We bought a house!

After a year and a half of looking for a house, we’re finally homeowners! We closed on our house yesterday and spent the better part of the day embarking on our ambitious to-do list. We pulled carpet out of the coat closet, removed dozens and dozens of nails and screws from the walls, ripped out hundreds of tiny carpet staples that were left in the stairs (when the house apparently had ’70s gold carpet), and removed kitchen cabinets from one of the bedrooms upstairs. (A big “thank you” to Dave’s parents for helping!) We didn’t get to everything we wanted to do on day one, but we’re feeling pretty good about the progress we did make. More than anything, though, we’re just so excited to make this house our home!

Day One Snapshots

Left to right:

  • We found a pair of light globes at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1 each. One is going in my upstairs walk-in closet, which the city assessed as a fourth bedroom in the house. We’ll need to have the house reassessed since you can’t actually fit a twin-size bed into the room and still walk in and around it.
  • Our closing-day selfie! I look jazzed and Dave looks like he’d rather we put down the phone and get to work. 😉
  • Adding some life to the place — literally. The most recent owner purchased the house in 2001, but then started dating a woman and moved in with her, leaving the home all but abandoned. We met our neighbors who said prior to his ownership, students lived there and even earlier, there were drug dealings. I’m not sure how true the last one is, but who knows. A house built in 1929 probably has plenty of stories within its walls — and maybe some old pot, too. (Kidding!)